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The False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) officially endorsed the IQ Certification Program during the recent FARA Annual Meeting and Expo held June 25-27, 1998.

FARA is the nationwide professional association of government-employed police department alarm unit managers. FARA’s 120 members include both sworn officers and civilians in charge of local governments’ false alarm reduction units.

Norma Beaubien, who is the President of FARA and an alarm unit director stated, "FARA took a very close look at the IQ Program. The more we found out about it, the more we liked it. Many of us who work for police alarm units have been under the impression that the alarm industry didn’t really care about the false alarm mess they were creating. But by attaining IQ Certification, a company proves to me that they not only take responsibility for the false alarm problem, it shows all of us in law enforcement that they are part of the solution."

According to Patti Rea, FARA’s First Vice President, "I believe that the IQ Program has great possibilities towards reducing false alarms. The IQ Program exhibits many of the false alarm reduction methods that the industry has shown eliminates false alarms and improves the reliability in the customer's alarm system and their alarm business."

Concluded Beaubien, "When someone calls me asking for a recommendation for a company, and believe me, they call all the time, especially after they have a bunch of false alarms, I cannot give a specific company recommendation. But you can bet that from now on, I will suggest that they look for an IQ Certified company. This is the real significance of FARA’s endorsement of the IQ program."

According to former IQ Chairman Ron Cain, "I am grateful to the police alarm unit managers for their endorsement of the IQ Program. You know, IQ really has two main purposes: first, to show customers and prospects that your company is among the best, and second, to prove to law enforcement that we in the industry are taking the proper steps to reduce false alarms. Our industry spent a lot of time and a lot of money in the Model Cities and Model States Programs figuring out what false alarm reduction steps really work. The IQ Program is the mark of distinction for those companies who wish to take credit for implementing those steps. I’m glad that the law enforcement community sees this and has acknowledged it through this endorsement."

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